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My vision is to create a business from my garden, so that I can afford to leave my job, have the garden as income, and paint and write. I also want my customers to read the story of my garden, look at pictures, and get an idea of the process of the work of the garden.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Hello, everyone--not too much going on, dyed my hair red, actually using henna now. Everyone says they like it, everyone except my sister, but the only one I need to please is myself.

New job chugging along. Easier than I thought. Just takes time to adjust. And it's not that I want easy, because I would rather be very busy, and learning. I've learned some things, but it is not as busy as I thought it would be.

After not being able to paint much of the winter, I started again. Did a portrait of a friend with her little girl, as a gift. Very happy with it. Now that the days are longer, warmer, and I can get up early enough to work for an hour before I drive to work. I want to do enough and get ready for a show.

That's it. We thought we had to sell the house, but luckily, for now, we don't. My husband got a better bill of health than we thought he would get, and my job seems enough for us right now.

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