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My vision is to create a business from my garden, so that I can afford to leave my job, have the garden as income, and paint and write. I also want my customers to read the story of my garden, look at pictures, and get an idea of the process of the work of the garden.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Hello to my legions of readers! The summer is hurtling along, and we are trying to stay cool in the hot days, and I am trying to paint in the heat. Some days I just read in the air conditioning.

Today we got a break and I went out with some others to tour the Barns of Distinction. I was looking for some information--we have a beautiful stone barn, really, the reason we bought this house was because we fell in love with the barn, and I wanted to learn some things about barns, and maybe get some ideas for what to do with the barn. Way back in my mind has always been that we would someday convert the barn to living/working space, and rent out the house for income.

But I didn't find what I was looking for. I did find, however, a woman in the program, who lives on a horse farm and teaches yoga on Friday mornings. I talked with her a bit about meditation, and I am thinking now that I will go and take a yoga class, now that I am now working. I have been doing more and more meditation, and I know that it has given me a more grounded happiness, and I want to get into a yoga practice again. I used to do yoga for years in New York Cith, and think that with a little practice, and perhaps some guidance, I could get back into it. I have tried to do it on my own in the past couple of years, but haven't followed through. Perhaps a few classes might take me there, much as our little meditation group brought me back to a daily practice.

As you can see my broken finger has mended, my typing is much better.

Now I am off to my studio.

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