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My vision is to create a business from my garden, so that I can afford to leave my job, have the garden as income, and paint and write. I also want my customers to read the story of my garden, look at pictures, and get an idea of the process of the work of the garden.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Spring is Here!!!

We are starting to warm up, and I have plants out in the coldframe on the porch every day. Also planted some early things in the greenhouse, still risky as nights can get pretty cold, and there is no heat there.

I am starting more flower seedlings this year, dianthus, heliotrope, lupines, cosmos, and will start to visit garden centers soon, looking at what I can purchase to supplement my own efforts.

We are in the process of negotiating to buy a small triangle of land behind the house, that I have always wanted to work with, as there is a beautiful, magical springhouse, behind a long, running stone wall, and it is completely hidden from the house. A path down to the spring, with a place to sit, and watch the water is what I have visualized. If we succeed in buying this land soon, I will start looking at what to do there.

My blogging efforts have pretty much come to a standstill for now, and I am just checking in to keep it going, as stunted as it is. Too much else to do, but perhaps someday soon I will be inspired to write again. My apologies to the few people who may be checking in.

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

My husband, in writing in the comments section of the last post, gave me permission to write about what we are looking at in his diagnosis of myelofibrosis--a rare blood disorder which is cured only through bone marrow transplant. We are both in the process of discovering what that all means, in general, and for us in particular. If anyone has any knowledge of myelofibrosis, or any other myeloproliferative disorders--there are a number of malignant blood disorders that we have found out about, and which are usually grouped together. A lot of the big name doctors in the field treat all or most of them, apparently.

Garden talk--seedlings are growing under lights, and I will be gearing up production for generating more seedlings this month--March, snowy and cold, which definitely came in like a lion.

Art talk--will be putting some paintings in a show that opens this weekend. My husband is framing them for me, and he will bring them up to the gallery tomorrow. I have to come up with some pricing, and that is a hard thing for me.

All of the previous paragraphs were written last week, and I didn't get back to the blog until now. I did get the paintings in the show, and am preparing some canvases to submit to some other things. It brings up a lot of feelings, and many of them are uncomfortable, around the whole thing of creating paintings, and where to try to submit them.

I have not been in top form emotionally. I think dealing with too many unknowns, about my husband's illness, and what that means, and also with our place. We are looking into buying a small slice of land behind our house. It never belonged to us, and we haven't done anything about it since we have been here. It has fallen into our laps, so to speak, as the owner now wants to sell, and we are suddenly presented with things that are hard to deal with, such as making an offer, when we really don't have nor want to spend the money, and then finding a source of money--which has meant exploring re-financing with cash-out. Why buy anyway? He has been doling out a few threats about selling it to someone else, which to us isn't really realistic, but who knows? So we are trying to get it for a small price. It will unfold. Somehow, I lost my emotional balance with all of this, and am slowly taking steps to get it back. Prayer and meditation. Excercise. Lay off the coffee. Talking to people. Meetings. Doing service. Somehow the right tool will kick in, and I will be back in a serene groove. I hope.

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