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My vision is to create a business from my garden, so that I can afford to leave my job, have the garden as income, and paint and write. I also want my customers to read the story of my garden, look at pictures, and get an idea of the process of the work of the garden.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Am diving headfirst into my studio, and going for "artist dates" with myself during lunch hour around here at work, because there are two sister towns here and bridge spanning river to cross over to one or the other, with many galleries.

Of course the galleries are more provincial than I would like, but I am still finding some interesting beautiful 20th century landscapes that are inspiring.

Garden is still blooming--but I am not even taking any time right now, although I have tons to do in it. It can all wait, as my artistic voice is finally calling me, and I am breaking through my comfort zone to respond.

It is almost the end of October, the days are getting colder and shorter, and I won't even be able to spend much time in the studio. But I plan to keep on going on the artists dates, and see if I can muster the desire to do drawings inside the house instead, and also prepare canvases for when the days are warm enough to work in the studio.

And, I am going to stop teaching the one night a week that I do in the spring and fall. I am currently teaching, and do not want to be there. And I am trusting that the little money I earn for the few months will be replaced, either by earning more from my job, or my husband bringing in some more, or just doing more with less, so that I am not splitting off to do too many things, while I can be pursuing my artistic desires.

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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I almost forgot I had a weblog! We had lots of excitement with the Hurricane, helping out neighbors, and I have been super busy at work lately.

I celebrated 31 years of sobriety the last weekend of September, and my AA sponsor gave me a coin at my morning meeting. She has been a great gift to me, and now all of a sudden, people are asking me to sponsor them and take them through the 12 steps. This is also surprising, but now I realize I do have something to give away.

Latest fantasy--work for 2 more years, sell the place, and we move up to northeastern Maine, where we can buy a house, no mortgage! Then, live for five months in Maine, and drive to Mexico, spending a month in this area, or near New York City, where my stepdaughter and her husband live. Then live in Mexico for five months, and then go to France for a month, and then back to Maine.

My, I have a terrific fantasy life!

We almost had a frost last night. It is so early for that, and it will get warmer again this weekend, and I want to put my bathing suit back on for some more last rays of the sun.

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